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Massage Therapist + Esthetician

Cassandra is dually-licensed in massage therapy and esthetics.  Her bodywork sessions involve a fusion of structural and energetic techniques which, most importantly, shift the nervous system into parasympathetic  ("rest and digest") mode. In this deeply relaxed state, Cassandra helps your body access its inherent healing capabilities, releasing tension and stress on physical, energetic, and mental levels. Her most influential bodywork trainings include Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Lymph Drainage, Polarity Therapy, and Ortho-Bionomy.

Cassandra approaches skincare with her 20 years of bodywork experience. Her specialties of craniosacral, lymph drainage, and intuitive energetic techniques have guided her to a deeper understanding and awareness of how to optimize skin function and vibrancy. She addresses the level of underlying patterns in the muscles, fascia, cranial bones, and fluid movement. With a focus on balancing the nervous system and maximizing the proper function of the lymph system, her facials decrease inflammation, release tension, and aid in restoring homeostasis to the skin and to the system as a whole - body, mind, and spirit. 

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Nicole is available for facials and skin treatments. She steps into her skincare career with a 16-year background in massage therapy in private practice and spas in CA and the Hamptons. 


She believes skincare is not about "fixing" something. "It's more of a practice, like yoga or meditation.  Our skin is an organ.  We do healthy things to protect and nourish our hearts, our lungs, our livers, etc. We should do the same for our skin, which is why I choose products that are full of pure, clean, and natural active ingredients."

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Pipi Deer graduated from NIAOM (Northwest Institute of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine) in 2002. She is a Master of Acupuncture & Licensed in New York state. Pipi works and lives in Sag Harbor with her family. She attributes much of her own health to the consistent practice of yoga and eating wholesome organic food. Her primary focus is on healing the root which will eventually reach the branches bearing many blossoms & fruit. -Health is freedom!


Pipi Deer

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