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Honor the inherent intelligence of your body's capacity for self healing.

**each session individually customized and inspired by your unique needs**

Abstract Surface


Support Natural Function

HEALING FACIAL   70min/$160   Softening cleanse, appropriate exfoliation, gentle extractions, nourishing mask, flushing/toning massage, and serum penetration. Deeply relaxing and nourishing.  30min Mini Facial/ $75


Schedule a longer session for additional therapeutic care: LED, Lymph Drainage, double exfoliation/masking, focused extractions, Gua Sha, cupping, Facial Repatterning (address deeper fascial and emotional patterns), Dien Chan Zone Facial Reflexology , Craniosacral therapy, Sculptural Lifting Face Massage.

90min/ $230.  105min/ $280.  2hr/ $300


BACK TREATMENT  60min/$150  Cleansing, dry brush, mask & massage with detoxifying clays, exfoliating polishes, soothing hydrosols, hydrating oils.  

Add to any facial or massage 30min/$70


FOOT TREATMENT 45min/$100 

Cleansing, exfoliation, massage, and deep hydration. 

Add to any facial or massage 25min/$50



Mend Your Energetic Roots

Address your healing at the root cause of tension and dysfunction.  I am delighted to have Pipi Deer, my friend and colleague,  joining us this summer! 


Pipi's gentle ACUPUNCTURE  approach works on the deepest levels of transformation.  She also uses moxa, cupping, and gem essences to facilitate healing. 

FACIAL REJUVENATION. Focused acupuncture treatment to address facial signs of aging and stress.  Initial acupuncture session and consultation required.  


ACU MASSAGE (no needles) This nourishing massage is based on opening and balancing the acupuncture meridians. It involves acupressure and energy work.

Deeply healing and relaxing.


Pipi is available Sundays and Mondays and is also available for home visits.

Treatments: Service
Communication Tower



Relax. Rebalance. Renew.

Cassandra has over 20 years of experience, trained in a variety of structural and energetic techniques.

 Each session is custom to your needs.
60min/ $140
75min/ $170 
90min/ $200  
longer or shorter sessions also available

Abstract Texture



 All Connected

 Combine a facial with massage and bodywork.

A fantastic gift to yourself or others!

An ultimate rejuvenation.

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